Changes to the Private Career Colleges Act. 2005 will include:

•Remove the requirement for private career colleges to establish a trust account to hold fees paid by or on behalf of international students in vocational programs.

•Remove the 25 per cent fee limit that private career colleges may charge and collect from international students before students begin training.

•Increase the fee threshold from $1,000 to $2,000 for vocational programs that are exempted from the Act’s approval requirements. 1-2019.html

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Did you know that when PARIS launches on Feb. 4, 2019, all third party assessments will be initiated through PARIS?  This is a significant change and very positive change for Private Career Colleges in Ontario who have been working directly with assessors via email or paper submission of files.

What does this mean exactly? 

  • All fields within PARIS relating to the program application must be entered and each section must receive a green checkmark; meaning it is complete and meets the PARIS validation rules.
  • Private Career Colleges will “invite” an assessor(s) to undertake the adult education assessment and the subject matter expert assessment.  If it is applicable, they will also undertake the distance education assessment.  This is done by “inviting an assessor” to complete the assessment process.  Assessors will be sent a link that will provide their access into PARIS.
  • Assessors will access all program information in PARIS and complete their documentation throughout the multiple areas of review.  Assessors may approve the program as acceptable or as not acceptable with recommendation for changes.  All documentation is logged in PARIS, so the need to submit an assessment report physically to the Ministry is removed. 
  • When all documentation is fully complete and the positive assessment reports are finalized, the Private Career College can move forward to submit their program.

Previously the third-party assessment process was a manual back and forth submission of files, revisions, and updates to the RICC system. Given the number of files required in the assessment process, this was a labour intensive undertaking until a curriculum achieved a positive assessment. In the previous process, PCCs would often wait until they received their positive assessments, then entered the program in RICC.

A positive assessment is grounded in the final version of the files being entered without any changes. If PCCs entered the data incorrectly, this created inconsistencies based on the assessor reports; corrections were then required to ensure both the application and assessment reports aligned.

As the process is undertaken in PARIS there are a number of efficiencies that will both streamline the process and preserve the data integrity. Since the data must fully be entered and accepted with PARIS guidelines (check mark on each section of the application) prior to inviting the third party assessors, data integrity is preserved. Given that the assessors must review the files inside of PARIS and document their findings, there is now a legacy of descriptions that support the final assessment findings.

Information extracted from the PARIS Reference Guide for Applicants/Registrants February 2019 Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

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When PARIS launches on Feb.4th, 2019 there will be many exciting features that are not presently available within the RICC system.  Some of the features include:

~ A PCC Orientation Video will be mandatory to review.

~ All required document in support of the registration and program approval processes will be uploaded within the system.

~ Payment of the required fees are required as part of the application process.

~ Third Party Assessment Reports will be initiated within PARIS to invite the adult education assessor; the subject matter expert assessor; and when applicable the distance education assessor. 

~ All entries will be saved and navigation to various parts of the application allows the user to work on multiple areas at one time.

~ PARIS provides a check mark on the various sections that are completed.  All areas must be completed along with supporting upload of required documentation and payment prior to PARIS allowing the user to submit the full application to the Ministry.

Information extracted from the PARIS Reference Guide for Applicants/Registrants February 2019 Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

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