Blondie Talks About 365 Days of Inspiration

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Jerry Bishop, coach, consultant and learning leader has written Blondie Talks About 365 Days of Inspiration, a book of 365 inspirational, motivating and life changing messages that gives you, the reader, the opportunity to refill that part of yourself that gets poured out in the daily grind. She shares her life experiences through compiling a year’s worth of written thoughts with hopes that everyone who reads these messages learns something from them. This unique daily guide for living is overflowing with encouraging messages and rich wisdom to help you discover creative, new ways to revitalize and renew your life.

Combining insightful reflection and creative revelations you can easily apply to your daily life, this book supports every person to live each day more fully. As energizing as it is inspiring, Blondie Talks 365 Days of Inspiration is just the right blend of truth, motivation and encouragement to turn an ordinary day into recipes for happiness, success and joy—a true dose of encouragement for your soul!

As you read Blondie Talks™ you will come to know with certainty how to embrace and apply the following core principles in your life and work. You will discover how to renew your spirit and inspire the potential that lies within!

Inspiring the Potential Within is based on 5 eSSential principles:

    • There is no joy without the journey
    • There is no hope without believing
    • There is no mountain without the valley
    • There is no happiness without forgiveness
    • There is no success in going alone