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While we were developing PARIS, the Program Approval and Registration Information System (PARIS) we use for the ongoing registration of private career colleges in Ontario, Jerry was kind enough to volunteer for our sector working group. Jerry’s experience and expertise in the sector was very helpful for us in fine-tuning the system before launch, and she continues to be in touch if she notices anything amiss with the system while she is supporting her clients in the sector.

She is always happy to volunteer her time to make the process better for everyone in the sector, and it’s very helpful on our side to have Jerry let us know if she or her clients are experiencing any technical issues as she always provides detailed feedback. This allows us to better stay on top of fixes and helps us plan for future system functionality.

Rob Terhune, Business Lead, PARIS
Ministry of Colleges and Universities

Jerry is the definition of resilience for me. Always positive, looking at any challenge as just another opportunity for Jerry to succeed and show her skills, with the ability to adapt to change without missing a step. Almost welcoming the obstacles as a way to prove her perseverance. Even when I worked with Jerry directly, she always set the bar high for herself when it came to quality for everything she produced and everyone she interacted with. A strong communicator, team player, coach/mentor, and advocate, Jerry’s passion and positivity shine through in everything she does.

James Olson, Owner
BarterPay Niagara

The value of the Child and Youth Care Virtual Project should not be understated. Each part of the project scaffolds to build on and assess the knowledge and skills students will have achieved in the program.  The inclusion of real-world events, documentation, and the ability to reflect on their learning will create meaningful outcomes.  The project is a culmination of a diversity of learning and skills from the program, and is well suited to evaluate the students learning in a comprehensive but practical way.

Amy Pelvin (Gaudaur)
Child and Youth Care Subject Matter Expert Assessment

Canadian Career Education College is pleased to highly recommend Ms. Bishop in her capacity as Third-Party Program Assessor specifically for Distance Education Programs/Delivery Assessments. Ms. Bishop has assessed the majority of DE programs for our college up to our complete satisfaction. All the programs evaluated-assessed by Ms. Bishop has received positive approval from the Ministry of Training and College Ontario.  Ms. Bishop is very knowledgeable, competent, punctual, and excellent in communication.

Nile Amir, Campus Director
Canadian Career Education College

I wanted to take some time to consider what I might say to others, who were considering using Jerry Bishop’s services.  Here’s what I experienced:

    • A person who set out the likely pathway and probable timing……and beat the end buzzer.
    • A person who set out the detail of what would be accomplished…and then did it as stated.
    • A person who said she was very attentive to detail…and she is.
    • A person who presented her credentials and experience….and they were real and her experience with PARIS far exceeds any one of my peers or associates I know.
    • A person who said her program was complete and ready to implement…and it was, even the 3rd third party reviewers completed their assessments without changes.

Along with the foregoing, she is friendly and a good listener…a consummate consultant in her field.

Ian R Marshall, President
International Academy of Applied Health Inc.

I contacted Jerry in October 2014 to ask if she would put together an application for a private collage so that we could conduct commercial flight training.

From the moment I started talking to her I realized that I had contacted the right person for the job. She was so full of energy and passion for what she does that I had a hard time keeping up to her. While this was the first flying school that she had prepared a private college application for, it did not take her long to learn how a flying school was different from other applications. When we started her time, line was to have the application completed and submitted by the end of the year.

The application was submitted on December 31st, it could have been completed sooner if I had been able to keep up to her in supplying the information she needed. I will be recommending Jerry to other flight school operators for preparing private college applications.

David Brandon, Owner
Tillsonburg Flying School

Jerry has become a valuable asset to NETC, bringing in her many eSSential toolkit curriculums and field placement skills passbooks and achieving 100% positive assessment.

Along with this, she brings much Private Career College compliant knowledge and PARIS system expertise.

The Native Education & Training College is the only registered and approved Indigenous PCC in Ontario, and have departed from offering capacity building courses to eight registered and approved diploma programs (Classroom and Distance Education) in under two years of operation.

Larry Stewart, Owner
Native Education and Training College

I have served as the subject matter assessor for the Food Services Worker Certificate Program Jerry Bishop has developed on two separate occasions. Each time it was my pleasure to positively assess the program and report my findings to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

The positive assessments were provided based on my expert knowledge of the foodservice industry. I have confidence that all new staff needing to secure their Food Service Worker Certificate would become educated and knowledgeable to work well in Health Care facilities after taking this program.

Zahra Zolfaghari, Quality Control Manager
Compass Group Canada

Now that our Hairstyling program has been submitted for approval, I wanted to say thank you on behalf of Debora and myself for a job well done. To be honest, I doubted our ability to achieve the deadline for submission that we initially proposed.

The amount of work involved and the level of accuracy required was indeed daunting. I should have known however, that with you on our team nothing is impossible. Not only did you meet the deadline, you did it with 10 days to spare.

I am confident that this program will receive approval, as did our Esthetician program that you also worked on. Your dedication and positive attitude are inspiring, making you a pleasure to work with.

Rick MacIntosh, Owner
Versailles Academy of Make-Up Arts & Esthetics

I’ve worked with Jerry on several projects.  Our longest and most challenging project was writing the curriculum and course content for a 48-week long diploma program in hospitality.

We set very ambitious deadlines that Jerry met each timeand the entire project was finished on time and on budget!  The course content, teacher notes and assessments have set up our instructors and students for success.  I’d gladly work with Jerry again on any future projects.

Ramie Goudreau, Director
Holmes Institute

Excellent program Jerry! Very pleased with the virtual project in lieu of the placement – a great way to pivot given current times and continue to provide a great educational experience that will provide skills and confidence to obtain employment, post-graduation.  Congratulations!

Heidi Reynders, Subject Matter Expert Assessment

Jerry, congratulations on the design and development of an excellent program. Your attention to detail continues to shine through. Your integration of a virtual project is a masterful approach to a practicum given the limitation imposed by the COVID 19.

Wayne Percey, Adult Education Assessment

I have had the privilege of working with Jerry on numerous occasions and have always had a very positive experience. Jerry creates outstanding content that always demonstrates her hard work and dedication to her role. She ensures she remains up to date in relevant areas to always provide top-quality programs.

In every opportunity I’ve been given, I have always put forth a positive assessment of her work. I would highly recommend Jerry and do look forward to working with her again in the future.

Heidi Reynders, Subject Matter Expert Assessment

The program design for the Recreational Therapy Gerontology program is premised upon sound adult learning principles. The balance of theory and practice is appropriate to ensure the students receive the knowledge and skill to develop the requisite competencies. The instructors take an active role in bringing the curriculum to life by incorporating experiential-based learning with an emphasis on student-centered learning, active learning and creating positive learning experiences through practical and practicum activities.

Wayne Percey, Adult Education Assessment

It is evident that the Essential Competency Framework (2015) created by Therapeutic Recreation Ontario serves as the foundation and guide for the content of the Recreation Therapy Gerontology program. The curriculum has been developed to reflect the foundational knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to practice safely as a Therapeutic Recreation Professional in Ontario. With an emphasis on geriatrics, it reflects and incorporates relevant trends, topics, and techniques that create a specialized approach for this population.

Kim Bell, Subject Matter Assessor

Jerry Bishop has been one of the stakeholders for the Personal Support Worker (PSW) Vocational Standard Review Project and has contributed to the PSW Pre-Consultation Survey, the WebEx online consultations, and more recently the PSW Broad-Based Consultation Survey.

Jerry was very engaged in our WebEx online consultations and attended many of the sessions in March, April, June, and July 2020. During these sessions and afterward, she made helpful comments to clarify the meaning of outcomes and made suggested rewrites for outcomes where there were differing opinions as to how best to express the meaning of an outcome or element. Her clarity of thought, ability to grasp the context, and suggested rewrites that summarized the ideas of other stakeholders were all welcomed additions to this project.

Bill Fallis, Project Officer, Program Standard Unit
Ministry of Colleges and Universities

I have had the pleasure of working with Jerry to develop an Early Childcare Assistant (ECA) curriculum. I can confidently say that Jerry is very dedicated to the work she does and does not compromise on the quality of the curriculums she develops. I’ve observed Jerry to be very keen to detail to ensure that her work is at its highest potential.

When asked to work on this project, I was skeptical about how the partnership would take place and whether my ideas would be valued. I was pleasantly surprised when Jerry was very inviting to my expertise as she prioritized my ideas. I would greatly recommend Jerry and look forward to future opportunities to work with her.

Warda Batool, RECE
Subject Matter Expert

Jerry is a specialist in the essential components of building a compliant curriculum for Private Career College programs. Her attention to detail and comprehension of gathering and specifying the required competencies and program requirements will set you up for success.

I have known Jerry for over 15 years and have relied on her understanding of the Canadian Learning Competencies to assist me in my journey.

Nancy Priest CTDP, CVF – Founder and CEO
Glass of Learning Inc.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jerry since 2016 and her professionalism plus her willingness to help others makes her a joy to know.  Her aura of optimism and creativity is unparalleled.  Be sure to ask her about her beautiful stained-glass creations!

Chantal Lanning, Professional Colleague

I had the honour of working with Jerry on the PSW Program as a Subject Matter Expert.  Jerry exercised meticulous attention to detail and designed the program in alignment with industry standards.  Throughout the process Jerry, being the professional that she is, inspired adaptability, focus and insight toward achieving required objectives.  As a nursing professional, I am very proud to be a small part of the program that Jerry developed.  I would happily work with Jerry again.

Joyce Jenkins-Boyer, Retired PSW Program Faculty Head
triOS and Eastern Colleges

Partnering with Jerry Bishop has provided a more complete solution for our clients looking at new program development. Jerry’s professionalism and detailed understanding of curriculum design and ministry requirements have been a tremendous service to our clients. This partnership has provided clients with a complete educational solution from curriculum to delivery.

Jerry adds value with her attention to detail, industry knowledge, and ability to clearly walk customers through the process.

Jordan Johnston, National Enterprise Solutions Manager, Private Career Colleges
Mc Graw-Hill Education

I have had the pleasure of being able to work collaboratively with Jerry on curriculum development for several programs including:  Developmental Service Worker, Mental Health and Addictions and Child and Youth Care.

I have gained, and fine-tuned, many skills under Jerry’s tutelage and have enjoyed her engaging personality, her boundless positive energy, patience, and her extraordinary work ethic. Her attention to detail is exceptional and her dedication is to be admired.

Jerry has walked me through the jungle of required documentation including competency development, detailed subject build and the creative development of virtual projects. I look forward to her e-mails alerting of more work to come. She is a true multi-tasker, manager and mentor. I feel lucky to have met her!

Heather Stewart, Subject Matter Expert

Jerry is a great mentor and educator!

Her phenomenal ability to coach and share her in-depth industry experience salutes her ability to design, develop and facilitate superior training programs and courses. She has a learner-first attitude which makes any program she creates successful.

I have worked with Ms. Bishop for several years. In her role as Manager, Training & Development she was instrumental in the successful development and implementation of many training programs. She became the subject matter expert in many areas and was able to deliver well thought out and informative sessions.

We were fortunate to have such a talented individual.

Sherisse Thomas, Owner
Designed to Train

Jerry is a long-time member and past board member of The Institute for Performance and Learning formerly CSTD (The Canadian Society for Training and Development). IPL is the industry voice setting the competency standards for employment in the Learning and Development field offering two designations (CTP Certified Training Professional and CTDP Certified Training and Development Professional). Jerry herself holds the Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) designation. She continues to work with many business clients in Ontario focusing her practice on Private Colleges and Institutes of Learning.

In 2015, IPL contracted Jerry to work with the organization to develop and operate a CTDP workshop referred to as the CTDP SPA. This workshop enabled senior professionals with more than a decade of experience working in the industry to expedite their certification by developing a portfolio of their work and demonstrating the required competencies. Her work with IPL concluded this past spring with the renewal of the CTDP examination and review of the certification process. Her work led to the successful renewal of the Exam and streamlined administrative process for monitoring candidates as they progress towards certification.

Jerry also worked with IPL during its transitional period in 2017. She coached the Director on Supervisory skills and practice while conducting a review of the membership program administrative processes. This led to direct work training and coaching the staff in customer service knowledge and skills.

Jerry, is best known for her energy and the drive that she brings to each project she undertakes. She always delivers on time and at the agreed budget.

Robert Hedley – President
Hedley & Associates

I engaged Jerry Bishop at the beginning of September, 2016 with an ambitious goal of finishing the process of registering as a Private Career College by September 16th.

Jerry made the process almost delightful. We developed a great working relationship extremely quickly. Jerry would share with me what documents and forms I needed to complete each day, and I would send them off as I completed them for Jerry to review and organize. It worked perfectly for us. Her knowledge and expertise was invaluable to me as I worked toward the deadline, because it wasn’t just about meeting the deadline – it was about doing it right the first time. So far, all the feedback we’ve received from the Ministry has been extremely positive.

We are excited to continue to work with Jerry as our PCC consultant over the coming months and years. Her attention to detail, experience and demeanor made a huge difference for us and our team. I am confident that we are in good hands with Jerry on our side.

Heather Payne, CEO
Juno College

Upper Madison College was recently established as a Private Career College in 2017 and has 3 running programs in which Jerry  Bishop has assisted us in obtaining positive Adult Education Assessments. Jerry is thorough in her reviews and clear in her explanations when describing the needs of a positive assessment.

Her expertise has been undeniably demonstrated in every section of the assessment where she meets every bar on a high standard hence why every assessment has been approved by the Superintendent of the Private Career Colleges of Ontario.   

Stacey Machado
Upper Madison College