*PARIS (Program Approval and Registration Information System)

Jerry has been a long standing member of the user testing PARIS team and has expert insight into the navigation and entries into the system.

The Program Approval and Registration Information System (PARIS) is a public-facing, secure web application used to support the administration of a Private Career College (PCC) under the authority of the Private Career Colleges Act and its regulations.

PARIS is used to complete various applications and perform functions relating to registering and operating a PCC, allowing a user to:

    • pre-screen a program.
    • request a Business Name Approval.
    • view an orientation video about the PCC registration process and requirements.
    • apply for registration to operate a PCC.
    • obtain third party program assessments.
    • make on-line fee payments by credit card or Interac Online.
    • post financial security or modify an existing financial security.
    • apply for a new program approval.
    • copy a program from campus to campus.
    • purchase or franchise a program from a registered PCC.
    • apply for registration of a new campus.
    • search for information about your PCC Portfolio.
    • submit inquiries to the Private Career Colleges Branch (PCCB).
    • view and respond to compliance activities including registration conditions, inspection reports, etc.

Extracted from the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Reference Guide for Applicants/Registrants January 2019

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