When PARIS launches on February 4, 2019, exciting changes in the process of registration and program approval will occur. In the series of posts to follow we will explore some of these positive changes. The first steps involve determining the college name and undertaking the pre-screening.

Business Name Approval: If a business name includes a controlled term of “Institute” or “College” or French equivalent, a business name approval application must be completed to receive Ministry consent. You must produce proof of business name approval as part of the new PCC registration application process.

Pre-screening: An applicant must submit a pre-screening application to determine if a program requires approval and if an applicant’s institution requires registration. If the Ministry determines that a pre-screened program is vocational, an applicant is required to register as a PCC and have the program approved by the Superintendent before advertising and offering the vocational program to the public.

To get started a Private Career College in Ontario must watch the PCC Orientation Video: To register a PCC, a new applicant must view the PCC Registration Orientation Video. Once this is completed, the PCC may proceed forward with the process.”

What’s changed from the previous process?

Previously the Business Name Approval form was completed separately (outside of RICC) and submitted to the Ministry for approval. The pre-screening process was submitted online (if a new application) and through RICC when adding a new program. PCCs looked to the Superintendent to approve the request and receive an email confirmation via attachment for that approval.

Reference Extracted from: PARIS Reference Guide for Applicants / Registrants, February 2019 Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

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