Paying a Fee

Fee payment can be made online via E-transfer or credit card. You can also pay by certified cheque, money order or bank draft. However, these methods of payment will increase processing time.

Paying by Credit Card

 Your credit card information is not stored by the Ministry.

  1. From the Application Fees page, select the page expands.

2. Click continue with E-Transfer/Credit Card. The Order Summary page appears.

3. Select the Credit Card radio button.

4. Click make a payment. The bank link page appears.

This process can take 15 to 45 seconds. Do not stop, click the button again or reload your browser until the process is finished.

5. Enter your credit card information. Be sure to follow the methodology for the entries.

6. Click submit payment. The Payment Receipt page appears.

7. Print a copy of the receipt for your records. Click print.

8. Click complete payment option. The application is moved to the Waiting for Response section in your dashboard.

Paying by E-transfer

 Paying by E-transfer is currently not available.

Paying by Certified Cheque or Bank Draft

  1. Obtain your certified cheque, money order or bank draft from your financial institution. (You will be required to enter information about your payment). The cheque/draft must be made payable to the “Minister of Finance.”

2. From the Application Fees page, select the payment method (Bank Draft, Money Order or Certified Cheque). The page expands.

(Sample certified cheque page)

3. Enter the payment information. If you are paying with multiple cheques, enter all the cheque numbers.

4. Click fee form. Click open. The Application Fee Form appears.

5. Print a copy of the form: From your browser select File > Print > Print.

6. Click submit. A confirmation message appears. Your application moves to the Waiting for Response section.

7. Mail a copy of the fee form and your cheque/money order/ bank draft to the Ministry. See the bottom of the form for the Ministry’s mailing address.

Your application will not be reviewed until the certified cheque/money order /bank draft is received by the Ministry.


Previously, upon submission of an application for registration and or program application, the RICC system produced a fee.  School’s were required to submit a certified cheque or money order via mail to the Ministry.  PCCs were unable to pay their submission via a credit card, so their application did not move to the queue for processing until the payment was received. 

In the current process with PARIS, the payment is immediate when using a credit card.   

Extracted from the PARIS Reference Guide for Applicants / Registrants

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

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