When PARIS launches on Feb.4th, 2019 there will be many exciting features that are not presently available within the RICC system.  Some of the features include:

~ A PCC Orientation Video will be mandatory to review.

~ All required document in support of the registration and program approval processes will be uploaded within the system.

~ Payment of the required fees are required as part of the application process.

~ Third Party Assessment Reports will be initiated within PARIS to invite the adult education assessor; the subject matter expert assessor; and when applicable the distance education assessor. 

~ All entries will be saved and navigation to various parts of the application allows the user to work on multiple areas at one time.

~ PARIS provides a check mark on the various sections that are completed.  All areas must be completed along with supporting upload of required documentation and payment prior to PARIS allowing the user to submit the full application to the Ministry.

Information extracted from the PARIS Reference Guide for Applicants/Registrants February 2019 Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

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