Part of a PCC registration, a new campus registration, or change of location application review process is an inspection of the premises where the vocational program(s) is to be delivered. This inspection is arranged directly with the applicant/campus administrator ahead of time.

While on site and based on the inspection type, PCC Branch Inspectors assigned to the PCC portfolio complete a thorough review and report on the facility. An inspection checklist is completed and the form is signed electronically by the campus administrator to confirm the completion of a site visit by the inspector.

The PCC is emailed when the inspection report is available for their review and action. If the report identifies any compliance issues, directions, and timelines, the organization must respond to the compliance issues in PARIS. Failure to satisfy the compliance issues may result in the organization registration, campus registration, or change of location application being rejected or refused.

Compliance inspections are also conducted to assess a registered private career college’s compliance with recordkeeping and maintenance requirements set out by the Act; however, this type of inspection is not scheduled or announced beforehand.

Opening an Inspection Report

Opening an inspection report from the email:

  1. You will be emailed a notification if a compliance issue is found during an inspection. Click on the link in the email then log in to PARIS.
  2. From the Ministry Decision section, locate the application with the status: “Inspection Closed”.
  3. Click View. The Inspection Details page appears.
  4. Click View Inspection Report. The Inspection Summary page appears.

Opening an inspection report from PARIS:

  1. Click inspection.
  2. Click the Search Inspection link. The Search By page appears.
  3. Click search. The search results appear below the search criteria.
  4. Click the blue Inspection ID link. The Compliance Inspection Summary page appears.
  5. Click show details.

What’s changed from the previous inspection process?

Once the inspection was complete and the findings prepared, PCCs received an email and attachment of the report from their inspector. The process of accessing all PCC correspondence in PARIS will streamline and keep records of the inspection process.

Extracted from the PARIS Reference Guide for Applicants / Registrants

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

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