PCCs must address all non-compliance issues.


Open the issue: Method 1:

(1) Open the inspection report (see the previous section in the PARIS guide and previous blog post on the inspection process in PARIS).
The Compliance Issue(s) section lists the outstanding compliance issues.
(2) Click select. The Compliance Issue(s) Details page appears

Open the issue: Method 2:

(1) Click inspection.
(2) Click the Search Compliance Issue link.
(3) Click search. The compliance issues appear at the bottom of the page.
(4) Click the blue Compliance Issue ID link. The Compliance Issue(s) Details page appears

2. Respond to the issue:
2.1. Enter the Resolution to Compliance Issue.
2.2. Click save and next. The Supporting Documents page appears.
2.3. You can upload a document to support the issue resolution. See Uploading a Document starting on page 13.
2.4. Click next. The Compliance Issue Summary page appears.

3. You can enter a Comment then click save.

4. When you are finished responding to the inspection report, click submit. A confirmation message appears.

5. Click exit. The status of the changed issue updates to “Under Review” (found in the Waiting for Response section.)

In the previous process when “responding to an inspection report findings”, PCCs responded in writing via mail or email attachment. The current PARIS process of responding to inspection will streamline and enhance the efficiency of documentation.

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